At Dixons Trinity Chapeltown, all students are entitled to a curriculum and to the powerful knowledge which will open doors and maximise life chances. Our all-through, carefully sequenced and deliberately mapped curriculum helps students to achieve our mission of succeeding at university, or a real alternative, thrive in a top job and have a great life. It is founded on evidence-informed research from cognitive science about memory, forgetting and retrieval practice to develop automaticity and fluency across subject domains.

Our curriculum is led by, collaborated on and delivered by high-quality subject specialists to create the richest narrative possible for our students. Our curriculum embraces and values the most powerful knowledge from a variety of cultures and traditions and is built on year upon year from key stage one all the way through to key stage four. Both declarative knowledge (the what) and procedural knowledge (the how) is specified in detail through 100% sheets which supports knowledge to be remembered not merely encountered.

Subject overviews from Year 1 to Year 11 can be found in the Downloads section below.

At each phase, our curriculum focuses on closing gaps, early intervention, and developing the core literacy and numeracy skills for success at that stage. As such, by the end of Year 11, our students will both be prepared thoroughly for national assessment and to acquire the sufficient knowledge of the wider domain to fully enable further study.

Reading plays a vital part in the curriculum. We use Read Write Inc. as our synthetic phonics programme and all EYFS and KS1 students have discreet phonics lessons every day:

In our primary phase, we use the Mathematics Mastery programme to ensure deep understanding of key mathematical concepts:

At Trinity Chapeltown, we enhance the yearning for knowledge which all children are naturally born with and seek to maximise every opportunity to maximise attainment, develop character and build cultural capital.

As a Dixons academy, our curriculum is aligned to a common set of Trust-wide principles which are underpinned by our mission to challenge educational and social disadvantage in the North.  Our curriculum principles are available to read in full in the 'Why Dixons? section of the Dixons Academies Trust website.

Also, see 'Why Dixons?' section of this website and our family handbooks (in 'Admissions' - top menu) for more details about our curriculum and distinctive approach.

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4:02pm 10.09.2019


Year 2 will be learning to master the djembe drum this year with specialist teaching from Mr Norris.
8:29pm 12.09.2019


Year 1 practising using the trackpad and turning on the laptops in their first specialist computing lesson this week.
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Today in maths, we went on a representation hunt! We had to find all the representations that matched our whole. Then we made our own representation posters! #hardwork @MathsMastery
1:30pm 12.09.2019