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Friends of DTC

We are thrilled to have assembled our 'Friends of DTC' committee this year. Following feedback from our extensive listening campaign, and with the help of Leeds Citizens, we wanted to create a group for parents, carers, families and local organisations to work together to ensure all stakeholders have a voice in making our school the very best it can be. We know that ensuring all children climb their mountain requires everyone to work together. For this reason, we look forward to hosting many events over the coming years to build the relationships and sense of community that is so essential. Email Miss Howorth ( for more information.

Chair: Shishu Ali

I am very passionate about the education my children receive and am excited to play a part in helping the school and the wider community get more positive press and feel a greater sense of belonging. I currently run a local Leeds based humanitarian charity called "The Akhirah Team”. I have strong links to local businesses and a great set of contacts that I will be able to call upon for fundraising.

Treasurer: Oneeka Clarke

For the past few years I have completed large residential development budgets. I have to ensure there are enough funds in the pot to go ahead with what is needed. This will be the same way I will be overseeing the DTC budget. My aim is to make sure we push this committee to its full potential but also, be practical in knowing we have the money to do so.

Online Welcome - Thursday 16 December

We are hosting our first online event on Thursday 16 December and would love you to join to find out about how we can continue to build an even stronger school community. Click on this link at 5.30 to join the event.

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