Improvement planning

Armed with a thorough unbiased understanding of where our schools stand and what has been driving their performance, alongside riding the right trends, we can focus on what it would take to get even better. At Dixons, we start this process by developing a 2-to 5-year master plan which outlines the expected trajectory in 4 simple sequential steps.

Every big move leads to an update of the expected trajectory of the school.

Our 2-to 5-year masterplan

  1. Build a cohesive all-through senior leadership team to create clarity, consistency, and parity of expectation in, and between, all four peaks.
  2. Establish a truly integrated, and high performing, all through school to maximise the life chances of children in Chapeltown and Harehills.
  3. Serve the community by providing provision and support for children and families.
  4. Build a strong reputation at both a local and national level, for a particular specialism.

This plan is kept at the front and centre of all our strategy sessions and is one that can be adjusted if we change initiatives, priorities, and big moves. Big moves are breakout opportunities that are ‘hard to reverse’. Think of them as the things the next management team will have to take as givens.

Our current big moves

  1. Establish an all-through senior leadership model
  2. Embed an all-through peak model and teaching model
  3. Develop a community hub within the school and begin to explore outreach provision
  4. Develop a co-curricular mastery model

Learn more about our approach to strategic planning on the Dixons OpenSource YouTube channel.

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