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Our staff

Senior Leadership Team

Natalie Brookshaw BA (Hons)Principal
Alex Swaby BSc (Hons) MAVice Principal
Jon Gilbert BA (Hons) MAVice Principal
Pippa Sadgrove BA (Hons)Vice Principal
Verity Howorth BA (Hons)Assistant Vice Principal
Ashley Jacobs BSc (Hons)Assistant Vice Principal
Laura Jay BSc (Hons)Assistant Vice Principal
Lucy Rundle BA (Hons)Assistant Vice Principal
Graham Trueman BSc (Hons)Assistant Vice Principal

Leadership Group

Caitlin Ashton BA (Hons)EYFS Lead Teacher
Carolyn Bate BSc (Hons)Head of Mathematics
Adam Clough BA (Hons)Head of MFL / Instruction Lead
James Dyke BA (Hons)Head of English
Rachel Everatt BA (Hons)Reading Lead / Class Teacher
Laura Fisher MA BSc (Hons)Head of Computing
Louise Bates BSc (Hons)Head of PE
Alice Monaghan BA (Hons)Phase Lead
Joe Norris MA (Hons)Head of Music
Cheryl Richmond BA (Hons)SENDCo / Teacher of English
Mark Rigby BA (Hons)Head of History
Rebecca Sheriff BSc (Hons)Head of Geography
Fleur Siswick BA (Hons)Head of Science
Jennifer Smith BA (Hons)Head of RE
Shireen Wheeler BA (Hons)Head of Art

Teaching Staff

Jonathon Ainsley BSc (Hons)Teacher of Mathematics
Ricky Badwal BSc (Hons)Teacher of PE / Assistant HoY
Georgia Bowers BEd (Hons)Primary Class Teacher
Emily Colquhoun BA (Hons)Graduate Co-Teacher
Yasmin Coyte BSc (Hons)Student Experience Pioneer / Science 
Hannah Dale BA (Hons)Primary Class Teacher
Tara Evans BA (Hons) MScPrimary Class Teacher
Emily Flynn BSc (Hons)Graduate Co-Teacher
Sophie Gornall BA (Hons)Teacher of Art and Design
Matilda Grindley BA (Hons)Teacher of French
Sophie Haigh BA (Hons)Graduate Co-Teacher
Lauren Howe BSc (Hons)Teacher of Science
Onika Jones BSc (Hons)Mathematics Pioneer
Kristina Lamb-George BA (Hons)English Pioneer
Barbara Miller BA (Hons)Teacher of French
Adam Murphy BA (Hons)Teacher of English
Chloe Rousseau BA (Hons)Primary Class Teacher
Natalie Shorten BA (Hons) MAPrimary Class Teacher
Sam Silcock BSc (Hons)Teacher of Mathematics
Salma TarbinEYFS Practitioner
Leanne White BSc (Hons)Graduate Co-Teacher

Mountain Rescue

Cheryl Richmond BA (Hons)SENDCo
Aileen AndersonMountain Rescue Co-Teacher
Sedinam Dzokoto BA (Hons) MScGraduate Co-Teacher
Iram Ellahi BA (Hons) MScPastoral Mentor
Tara LawrencePastoral Mentor

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