Our staff

Aileen Anderson BA (Hons)
Graduate Co-Teacher
Caitlin Ashton BA (Hons)EYFS Lead Teacher
Carolyn Bate BSc (Hons)Head of Mathematics
Natalie Brookshaw BA (Hons)Secondary School Principal
Adam Clough LLB (Hons)Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Rachel Connor BA (Hons)Reception Class Teacher
Yasmin Coyte BSc (Hons)Head of Year 7
Iram Ellahi BA (Hons) MAPastoral Mentor
Tara Evans BA (Hons) MScGraduate Co-Teacher
Emily Flynn BSc (Hons)Graduate Co-Teacher
Sarah Hack BA (Hons)Primary School Administrator
Muhammad Hamid MScSenior Administrator
Laura Jay BSc (Hons)KS1 Class Teacher
Tara Lawrence BA (Hons)Pastoral Mentor
Justine Oldham BSc (Hons)Primary School Prinicipal
Chloe Rousseau BA (Hons)Class Teacher
Pippa Sadgrove BA (Hons)Secondary School Vice Principal / SENCo
Natalie Shorten BA (Hons) MAGraduate Co-Teacher
Ricky Singh Badwal BSc (Hons)Teacher of PE / Mentor
Fleur Siswick BA (Hons)Head of Science
Luke Sparkes BSc (Hons)Executive Principal
Alex Swaby BSc (Hons) MA Inclusion Lead Teacher
Anna Turrell BA (Hons)Head of English
Debbie Vickerman BSc (Hons)Teacher of Computer Science
Teresa WatkinSecondary School Administrator

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Latest Tweets


We were so excited to welcome @CCScheme #honorgoodsite to our @WillmottDixon #dixonstrinity project to meet the enthusiastic children from and teach them all about safety on #construction sites 👷🏻‍♂️👷🏽‍♀️🏗🔨 https://t.co/z7gnSvXVfX
6:09pm 26.06.2019


We went to look at the new classrooms that have been built for next year, and we couldn’t believe our eyes! There was Goldsmiths Bear! The pirates gave him back, phew! We’ll be keeping an eye out that those pesky pirates don’t come back... #EYFS #FridayFeeling https://t.co/lduW09k5J3
4:46pm 21.06.2019


The pirates have taken Goldsmiths Bear! We’ve been making lost posters to help find him! #writing #eyfs #purpose https://t.co/M82rgWxpNW
9:51am 19.06.2019


Some strange things have been happening at today. Look at these faces full of awe when our builders found a treasure chest... who could it belong to?! #aweandwonder #EYFS https://t.co/Ik1PbaiDm5
8:51pm 18.06.2019