Primary Phase - 2018/19
  • 100% of Year 1 students met the phonics screening check standard
  • 100% of Year R students made more than expected progress in reading, writing and number; ensuring they are ready for transition to KS1
  • 100% of students enjoy school
  • 100% of students enjoy school
  • 100% of parents recommend the school
Secondary Phase - 2018/19
  • Average attainment in line with, or above, that for Dixons Trinity Bradford and the Trust (2019 A8 59; 2018 A8 63)
  • Year 7 students made, on average, 17 months' progress in their reading age over a 10-month period 
  • 88% of Year 7 students demonstrated mastery of multiplication tables - being able to recall multiplications up to 12 x 12 in under 3 seconds
  • 100% of students are proud to be a Dixons Trinity Chapeltown student
  • 100% of students enjoy school
  • 100% of students feel safe at school 
  • 100% of students feel that school helps them to prepare for the future
  • 98% of parents recommend the school

“Students speak with enthusiasm of their enjoyment of lessons and the quality and quantity of their learning.  They feel that they are well supported by all staff and are free from bullying, thus feeling secure and safe.  Parents readily echoed these sentiments.” (Tony Colley, DfE, 2018)

Well done Team DTC: all families, all students and all staff!

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It was really great to visit our colleagues in Leeds today @DTCFrench . Wonderful and very rewarding to see the impact of @DixonsTA outside of Bradford.
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So nice to have lunch and talk to Year 8 students about the work we do @LeedsMind to support people in #Leeds. Very polite and engaged students. Many thanks to staff and students for making me feel so welcome. #mentalhealth
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