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Dixons Trinity Chapeltown

Sports Day 2021

Posted 4th June 2021

Dixons Trinity Chapeltown held its first annual all-through sports day at South Leeds Stadium on Monday 24 May. House pride was high from the start when excited staff and students filled the stadium with colourful banners and enthusiasm for the events ahead. The day started with a wonderful opening ceremony lead by advisory captains from each house in each year group: Aconcagua, Makalu, Pelvoux and Tafelberg had banners, hand made flags and ribbons in their house colours. In the morning, Secondary students competed in their track and field events with some incredibly impressive athletics results being achieved; this meant that the scores were very close going in to lunch time. The Primary students also competed to win house points in dance, races and ball skill competitions which were lead by our wonderful Y9 Sports Leaders.

As a whole community, we had family dining picnic together and Makalu gave some great appreciations demonstrating our core value of Hard Work.

The excitement going into the tug of war and Primary relays was palpable. All students participating in these team events showed real commitment to their house to ensure they won house points for their team. The crowd was electric with support for all of the athletes and as the day of sports progressed, so did the tension. Secondary relay races finished the day of events with a number of close races!

The day came to a wonderful close with the primary students performing an outstanding dance to the secondary students. Every person in the stands was clapping along. Finally, Mr Jacobs announced the results and the 2021 Dixons Trinity Chapeltown Sports Day Champions were Acongacua.

There was laughter, there were tears and there was a lot of running, but, in the end, Sports Day 2021 will be remembered as the first official all-through Sports Day with tense competition, exemplary sporting endeavours and slightly bad weather!

Final Scores