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Dixons Trinity Chapeltown


Opened in 2017, Dixons Trinity Chapeltown is an all-through school with a curriculum and approach designed specifically to serve the community of Chapeltown and Harehills in Leeds.

In November 2021, we became the first school in Leeds to be judged Outstanding by Ofsted under the new inspection framework. Inspectors felt that this is “a school with excellence at the core of everything that takes place.”

At Trinity, we have tried to take the best ideas from academies, schools, the independent sector and abroad. No individual element of our practice is revolutionary. Others have said that it is the way in which ideas have been combined and embedded with rigour and simplicity that has allowed us to make such a strong start. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf strategies or practices; there is no silver bullet. It is really about being values driven, having clear vision, focusing relentlessly on results, operating strict routines, doing the simple things well every day, and building strong relationships at all levels.

In our achievement-oriented culture, it is cool to be smart, and all students work hard to climb the mountain to university or a real alternative so that they thrive in a top job and have a great life. Our students are happy and proud to attend school. They enjoy being challenged and are intrinsically motivated to succeed. All members of our community are committed to creating a world-class school which will transform the lives of every child who attends by creating equality of opportunity.