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Dixons Trinity Chapeltown

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Our extra curricular clubs are run by staff volunteers who offer a wide range of activities to suit students’ hobbies and interests.

What clubs are on offer?

In secondary we offer a range of clubs which run from 3.30pm-4.30pm. Our current offer is as follows:

Extra-Curricular Timetable






Homework club (English focus)

ICL 1.1

Girls Football (All Years)

CNI Astro

Table tennis (All Years)

MNI Sports Hall

Boys Football (Y7/8)

JSN Astro

Chess Club

ASM & DGR 2.15

Homework club (Maths focus)

DGR 1.1

Girls Netball (Y7/8)

ESS Netball Courts

Basketball (All Years)

SIQ / External coach Sports Hall

Choir (during Family Dining 1)

SMA 2.1

Homework club

ERO 1.1

Music Club

LLU & SMA 2.1

Art Club


Boys Football (Y9/10)

MNI & RBA Astro

Girls Netball (Y9/10/11)

ESS Netball Courts

Y11 Post-16 Support

ACL 2.Op

Homework club

TLA 1.1

Steel pans

External – Sports Hall

Homework club

MLA 1.1

Maths Parallel Club

SSI 2.13

Badminton (All Years)

MNI, CNI & ESS Sports hall

We also offer a range of clubs in primary which change each term. These include but are not limited to:

Gardening and Growing Club

Games Club

Film Club

Times Tables Rock Stars Club

Origami Club

Gymnastics and Dance Club

Film Club

Art and Crafts Club

Skipping Club

Debate Club

Lego Club

Kids Yoga

Pokemon Club

Cricket Club

Football Club

How will the clubs run?

The extra curricular clubs are free of charge for all students (there is a small contribution for ingredients for food related clubs).

In primary, clubs start straight after school and last for 30 minutes from 3:20pm – 3:50pm. Families can collect students at 3:50pm from the primary side gate.

In secondary we offer a range of clubs which run from 4.05-5.05pm

What if my child already attends PE Partner After School Club (primary)?

For Primary age students we have a paid for option to attend a multi-skills club with an external provider from 3:20-5:20pm. This club runs most days including in school holidays and supports families with childcare. Families can sign up to this by visiting and clicking on “Book Clubs Now” and searching for “Dixons”

Your child can still attend the extra curricular clubs and will be dropped off at after school club until 5:20pm. You will still be required to pay the normal rate for after school club care until 5:20pm.

Additional information

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for giving up their time to provide these extra curricular clubs for the students of DTC so that they enjoy learning and climbing their mountain. This demonstrates the passion our staff have for ensuring the highest quality curriculum and opportunities for the students at Dixons Trinity Chapeltown.

Please be aware that if you are late to pick up your child from the primary clubs on more than one occasion their place at the club will be in jeopardy.

Whilst we understand that other commitments do crop up, please try to attend all advertised sessions for your extra curricular club otherwise you risk losing your place to someone on the waiting list.

We encourage all students to attend at least one club over the course of the year. Students can attend more than one club if there are spaces available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing